3Dprinting comes to the FFL – #fflfablab

CH 9 news – 3D printing comes to FFL

Theron Trowbridge & the Makerbot

RT @natenatenate: library license – a cr

RT @natenatenate: library license – a creative commonsish approach- is an interesting idea that could use your input. http://librarylicense.org


Class on google+plus


NYPL’s Biblion Rocks!

I love the NYPL’s Biblion app. If you don’t have it, you should! It is being touted by mainstream media as cutting-edge. Here is a little about Biblion: The Boundless Library at NYPL.org – http://www.nypl.org/biblion
New York Times – May 17, 2011
The Atlantic – “Did the New York Public Library just build the Magazine App of the Future?

Save Libraries


David Lankes


“Yes” The time for Libraries is NOW: slideshare by Ned Potter

Can’t wait to try this

“@TechSoup4Libs: QR code magic at #ltc2011: add “qr” to bit.ly url = auto-generated QR code; add “+” to bit.ly url = analytics to track QR code. sweet!”

RT @jill_hw: RT: @laurasolomon: Report:

RT @jill_hw: RT: @laurasolomon: Report: More Than 60% of Phones Web Capable by 2015 http://bit.ly/bThsmV #libraries


Next big thing: QR codes

via Next big thing: QR codes.

Trying out the “Add This” plug-in for Joomla.  Working okay so far.

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